• 21grams live video – at the Wanch

    Check out Nuclear Rose’s live video footage at the Wanch

  • Sounds

    Live at Parsons is a two tracks release of Nuclear Rose playing live at Parsons Music The Re-interpretation of Love Songs is a solo acoustic project created by Nash of Nuclear Rose. Black Album – Re-recording, to be re-released  

  • Band Photos

    The Wanch (Sept 2012) – pictures taken with FxCamera Android App Assemble Production (Sept 2012) Live at Parsons Music (April 2012) Live at The Wanch, for Underground HK (Sept 2011) Album Artwork Concept (D Liu, Aug 2011) Live at Swindlers, Wan Chai (Aug 2011) Earlier Studio photos… (early 2011) ¬©Nuclear Rose 2012 All rights reserved

  • About the band

    So who is Nuclear Rose? Nuclear Rose is formed by a group of ordinary young men in Hong Kong. Right now, they are trying to create some good music. I suppose this sums it up quite well. From what I can tell, their music tastes have little in common. Some enjoy folk-rock, other hard-rock; synthesizer …